The LightnUp 6.44kW PV system was our seventh project.

Technical stuff

Panels: 23x Talesun 280W panels

Inverters: Sungrow SH5KD inverter


The PV system avoids the production of about 8.5 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year!

And here’s what the LightnUp folk had to say …

“LightnUp Inc is the home of the much loved Lismore Lantern Parade, an event that never fails to bring the community together and instil a sense of place.

Because of the community involvement and sense of ownership of the Lismore Lantern Parade the community looks forward every year to the shared celebration and to support and acknowledge each sector’s contribution to the community.

Taking care of each other goes hand-in-hand with taking care of the planet, and cheaper electricity helps us to continue doing what we do. COREM makes it possible to help the planet and the community at the same time through its solar initiatives. The future needs more of these kinds of initiatives – people working together to ensure we have a future”