Brunswick Valley Volunteer Rescue Association

The Brunswick Valley Volunteer Rescue Association 5.2kW PV system was our third project. It was funded through a combination of donations and $5,000 from the Southern Cross Credit Union.

Technical stuff

Panels: 20x Seraphim 260W panels

Inverters: Fronius Sumo 5kW inverter


The PV system significantly reduces the BVRA’s electricity bills, keeping more community money in the area. It also avoids the production of about 5.5 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year!

And here’s what the good BVRA folk had to say ….

“The Brunswick Valley & District Volunteer Rescue Squad now has a 5kW solar system on the roof of our truck shed and training rooms courtesy of COREM and the Southern Cross Credit Union (SCCU). As a community-based volunteer rescue squad, nearly all our funding comes from fundraising and donations so the opportunity offered by COREM to reduce and ultimately eliminate our power bills was too good to miss. The more money we can save on services the more money we have for rescue equipment. COREM put in all the hard work to obtain a grant from SCCU, then organise for SAE to install the system. We’ve also switched our power bills to local company ENOVA who are offering the best deal. The only thing left is to convince Essential Energy we are not a business to get the lower residential tariff and save even more money!”

Phill Walsh, Secretary, Brunswick Valley & District Volunteer Rescue Organisation Inc.