Byron High School

Byron High School now has a 33.4kW PV system. Although the school paid for the PV system, COREM organised the tender process and help assessed the tenders.

Technical stuff

Panels: 126x Canadian 275 watt panels

Inverter: Solaredge 27.6kW

It also includes wifi communications for remote monitoring of the system’s output.


The PV system will avoid the production of over 34 tonnes greenhouse gases every year, and will act as a valuable educational resource for students.

And here’s what Byron High had to say:

“At Byron Bay High School our students are proud of the fact that their school gets 50% of its power from renewable energy.

We would like to thank COREM who provided the expertise to lead us through the tender and purchase process.

We hope other schools will demonstrate their commitment to the sustainable energy by getting in touch with COREM about their options.”