Federal Hall

The Federal Hall 6.6kW PV system was part funded through a generous donation from Enova Community Energy.

Technical stuff

Panels: 24x Phonosolar 275W panels

Inverters: 5kW Fronius Primo Inverter


The PV system significantly reduces the Federal Hall’s bills, and avoids the production of about 8.7 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year!

And here’s what the good folk from the Federal Hall had to say ….

On behalf of everyone in Federal and the surrounding communities who worked so hard to purchase the Old Church and continue to provide their time and energy in supporting our wonderful venue, the Jasper Corner committee thanks COREM for helping us go solar. This facility has been providing an invaluable space for an ever increasing range of activities since 1895 when our forefathers donated the land and built the hall and church buildings. Now that we are able to proudly offer an even greener space for everyone who uses it, we’re indebted to COREM for making it happen and look forward to a long and prosperous association into a cleaner future thanks to the generosity COREM has shown our organisation.  A huge thanks on behalf of everyone in the Federal community.”