Take the Pledge – for 100% renewable electricity

renewable energy least cost approach

COREM with Enova Community and Zero Emissions Byron have a big vision, 100% Renewable Electricity for the Shire

The three steps to creating a 100% renewable energy transition requires us all to –
1.) Support the use of clean and ethical electricity from the grid
2.) Reduce unnecessary electricity usage, and
Locally produce renewable energy (usually solar PV)

ETHICAL USE, REDUCE, PRODUCE, . The 100% energy transition does not even need to cost you extra money.

We all want a clean energy future and to know we are contributing to positive change rather than more climate pollution. With one third of Australia’s carbon pollution coming form our electricity generation and Australian’s being the biggest emitters per capita, we all really can make a difference.


– Take the Repower Byron Shire Pledge to spend a small amount of time helping us understand our community’s energy needs by fill out this brief survey.

– Learn how to support renewable energy by reading 3 short emails we will send you.

Running on renewable energy can take as little as 10 minutes of your time to switch to an ethical electricity plan. We are passionate about clean energy and have volunteers available to answer your questions and spend more time with you to REDUCE your bills, PRODUCE your own solar energy and learn more about selecting an ETHICAL USE plan.


ETHICAL USE – learn how to choose ethical electricity that rewards retailers that are climate champions over those retailers that are fossil fuel addicted.

REDUCE – learn how to cut your bills and reduce your carbon footprint

PRODUCE – learn how solar PV can be an investment to earn income while taking climate action