Take the Pledge – for 100% renewable electricity

renewable energy least cost approach

COREM has a big vision, to run our Shire on Renewable Electricity

The three ways to creating a 100% renewable energy transition requires us all to –
1.) Reduce unnecessary electricity usage
2.) Locally produce renewable energy (usually solar PV), and
3.)  Support the use of clean renewable electricity from the grid.

REDUCE, PRODUCE, CLEAN USE – It’s like a mantra, that will get us where we need to go no matter if politicians cuddle coal and shriek renewables will destroy the world. The 100% energy transition does not even need to cost you extra money.

COREM will guide and support you to fulfill your pledge.  It is not hard, remember conserving power saves money, installing solar panels makes money over time and you can switch to an ethical electricity retailer who drives climate action without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Take The Pledge Now!

I live in the 2482 area and can inspire others in my street to take this pledge. This supports COREM's big vision, to run the 2482 area on 100% Renewable Energy by 2020.